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Important But Overlooked First Aid Essentials Knowing when a catastrophic event is going to happen is practically impossible. Being prepared before one even happens is the best thing you can do. Having the right supplies can literally make a life and death difference. When it comes to surviving, having medical supplies, food, and some important gear can make a big difference. Being prepared beforehand is the only way to ensure you will have a chance to survive. By following some important advice and getting the right survivalist supplies, you can greatly improve your chances of making it through any unforeseen event. Whether you are a survivalist, prepper, or anyone else, a first aid kit is vital. First aid kits come in many different sizes and serve multiple purposes. A car first aid kit is a small kit that everyone should own. These kits are compact and contain gauze, band aids, disinfectant, and smaller medical supplies. Car first aid kits are a great idea for smaller cuts and incidents that are not immediately serious. A larger first aid kit such as a tactical first aid kit is a good idea for anyone going on a longer trip and may be away from medical care for a while. Many times military and medical professionals use tactical trauma kits. If you are going on a long survival trip or preparing for an unforeseen event, then a tactical first aid kit may be your best option. Regardless of the type, having a first aid kit is essential for everyone. On top of first aid kits, food and water can be just as important to have ready. To a lot of people having adequate water and food is obvious, but not everyone does. Water is something that people should have stored for a week or so in preparation in case of emergency. Foods that do not expire quickly such as dehydrated meals prepared with water or canned food are great options for anyone storing food for survival situations. Food and water are too important to survival to not have some saved just in case something happens.
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Survivalist gear is another good purchase to have to be prepared. It is a good idea to have a large, but manageable backpack in order to carry supplies. Also, you should have a knife, hatchet, or other cutting object for survival. It is also crucial for you to own a fire starter. It is best to have a quick use fire starter because in a survival situation you may likely not have the time and energy needed to start a fire by yourself. this is why it is best to have a fire starter that can give you a fire almost on demand. If you are trying to survive, having the right gear can mean everything.
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While you cannot predict a disaster, you can prepare for one. Having medical supplies and food stores are a great start. On top of this it is also wise to have some survivalist gear ready, because you can never know for sure the situation you are in. By taking the time to prepare not, you can likely end up saving your life later.